Tulsa Council Overrides Mayor's Veto Of 'No Confidence' In City Attorney

Thursday, February 17th 2011, 7:23 pm
By: News On 6


TULSA, Oklahoma -- The Tulsa City Council pushed back against Mayor Bartlett Thursday night, voting to override another of his vetoes.

The Council came up with a resolution of no confidence against interim City Attorney David Pauling; the mayor vetoed it and Thursday night, the council voted to override the veto.

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The City Council vote was 8 to 1, with Councilor John Eagleton leading the charge .

"I do not have confidence in an attorney who does not show up in court and then gives inconsistent explanations for why he was not there," Eagleton said.

Interim City Attorney David Pauling watched from the gallery.  He's been in the job since December 1, 2010, and will serve until the Mayor selects a permanent replacement.

Read the letter from Mayor Bartlett and the Council's Resolution of No Confidence

The Council hopes to speed up his departure.

The vote to override the mayor's veto is another example of the differences of opinion at City Hall, though Councilor Rick Westcott said for him, the vote was purely a statement about Pauling.

"It's about my confidence in his ability to represent the City of Tulsa, and I have none," Councilor Rick Westcott said.

Councilor Eagleton said the council action should prevent Pauling from representing the Council, but Pauling said they're not his client anyway.

"Under our charter I do not represent the Council. I do not represent the Mayor. I represent the City," he said.

The only Councilor to vote against the override was GT Bynum.

"I've had moments of disappointment in the service we've received from Mr. Pauling, but nothing that would lead me to have no confidence in his abilities," Bynum said.

Mayor Bartlett is out of the country this week on a business recruitment trip, but said he continues to have total confidence in Pauling.