Tulsa-Area Residents Stocking Up Ahead Of Another Winter Storm

Monday, February 7th 2011, 4:56 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- All across Green Country people are stocking up, fueling up and gearing up for another major winter storm. They're taking advantage of better road conditions to get out so they can get ready.

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There's no telling how many snow covered miles propane delivery drivers like Darrell Keeling have traveled in the past week.

"I've had enough," Keeling said, laughing. "I've had enough snow for a while."

It's been a tough task, and one that could become more challenging as another winter storm is on the way. Randy Sells wants to have plenty of propane on hand for round two.

"We've been there; last time we had that ice storm, we were out seven or eight days," he said.

The biggest challenges for drivers aren't the main roads, but driveways that are still snow packed.

"If we back in and the snow is deep, we're stuck. And then we're not delivering none if we're sitting there," Keeling said.

While Keeling makes his propane deliveries, stores like Best Electric and Hardware hope their deliveries of winter weather products get here soon. They have plenty of ice melt, but are out of snow shovels.

"We're just waiting for our next shipment," Richard Womack said.

Like many people, Melissa Shaw is searching for a shovel. Four places so far and no luck.

Melissa Shaw, Tulsa resident: "Everybody's out.

Craig Day, News On 6: "No Luck."

Melissa Shaw, Tulsa resident: "No luck. You can't even find them online; everybody is sold out on line as well."

Thankfully, with most area highways in good shape, grocery deliveries are getting through. The Reasor's at 116th and Highway 169 in Owasso is stocked up and packed.

"It's like that tsunami, we got on top of the wave last Monday and you're ready for it to drop down and it hasn't. Folks have just kept coming in," Phillip Elseman, store manager, said.

Folks like Joyce Jackson of Oologah who want to be ready for the second winter blast.

"It's my first time out, and I'm buying for other families also," she said.

Whether it's groceries or fuel, many people don't want to be caught off guard and really don't want to go through this again.

"We're just hoping and praying this next one won't be as bad," Keeling said.

Best Electric and Hardware says many area stores will get another shipment of snow shovels Wednesday, but it will likely be the last time we get any for the rest of the season.

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