Oklahoma Shoppers Re-Stock After Blizzard Strikes

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Green Country shoppers are looking to re-supply some essential items. Stores that are open are limping along with only a handful of employees able to get to work.

People are beginning to venture out. They're looking for stores that are open, and there aren't many. Most folks are finding what they need, although supplies are dwindling.

"We're pretty short staffed; we have about six employees in the store right now," said Jason Pyeatt.

Jason Pyeatt is the grocery manager at the Reasor's at 21st and Yale. Normally he says there'd be about 40 workers there.

He says many of the customers have walked in from surrounding neighborhoods People like Jason Adair and daughters Emery and Lainey. Emery's in the first grade.

My teachers favorite animal is penguins," she said.

She told me penguins walk funny to keep from slipping on the ice. Guess we could learn something from the penguins.

The Adairs are hoping to go sledding later.

Since we were at the grocery I called the newsroom asked if anyone needed anything. Microwavables and snacks, they said.

"Microwave for a minute, that's good. Protein bars'd be good. People like chocolate.I'm looking for those peanut butter 'n cheese crackers. Got to have some of those.

What else?

Easy cheesy. says so on the package.

Meat, eggs and some dairy products were getting pretty picked over. Resupply will take a while.

Next door at Target. They were open with only four employees, but customers were managing. Some girls needed a heater and found one. The checker said drinks chips and snacks were the hot items.

"We'll be open for business as usual tomorrow," an employee said.

Sounds good, we'll see.

Reasor's principle grocery supplier is in Oklahoma City, so they don't expect any major restocking until the roads improve.

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