Tinks The Oklahoma Chihuahua Gains Followers On Facebook

Wednesday, January 12th 2011, 5:23 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

NOWATA, Oklahoma -- Ever heard of Tinks the Oklahoma Chihuahua? Well, you're about to! Tinks is a rising star on Facebook and lives just up the road in Nowata.

Tinks is just 3-years-old, and already she's a growing phenomenon on Facebook. She has almost 1,500 fans.

"Farthest fan - one's in south Australia," said owner Becky Burch Slack. "And one's in Canada.

Tinks The Oklahoma Chihuahua

"What? Really?" 

Actually Tinks is one of six Chihuahuas in Slack house, and when they heard we were here, they came running. They were hoping - I think - for an audition as a troop of dancing Chihuahuas.

Sorry kids, we're here to see Tinks.

Tinks' theatrical agent is Becky Burch Slack who doubles as a photographer for the Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise newspaper. Becky posted a picture of Tinks on her Facebook page. It got such a reaction that Tinks got her own fan page.

"She makes me giggle, and I'm hoping someone else will smile," Slack said.

Tinks "photoshops" herself into all kinds of pictures and situations. In one photo, she is shown with Jax the drug dog. In another, it looks like she slam dunked herself.

She wanted to ride in the Nowata Christmas parade, so Becky and husband Joe made a sign got her in parade. People along the route knew who she was.

"That's Tinks - I've seen her on Facebook," was the reaction.

Like many young stars she has a mind of her own. Instead of saying rock on, she says "Tink on."

On her Facebook page she's a philosopher, and she tells really corny jokes.

"Two horses walk into a bar, and the bartender says hey, what's with the long faces," Becky said.

She's famous beyond Facebook. There's a picture of Tinks in the pool that won an AP first place award.

Of course I had to have my picture made with her too.

And you know what they say, "Tink on."

Want to find out more about Tinks? Check out her fan page on Facebook.