Company Helps Bring Christmas Joy To Oologah Meningitis Victim

Tuesday, December 14th 2010, 4:58 pm
By: News On 6

Dan Bewley, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A Jenks company is helping give Jeremiah Mitchell a very, merry Christmas. The Green Country first grader is still recovering after having his arms and legs amputated last spring after contracting bacterial meningitis.

His story has captured hearts across Oklahoma. Jeremiah is seven years old now and still learning how to live without his arms or legs.

"Everybody here has had a chance to have children or to know children of that age and to watch him and his family go through what they went through it just touches your heart," said Ryan Clegg.

On Tuesday, the employees at Kimberly-Clark brought a little joy to Jeremiah. More than $2,000 in gifts, from a TV, to anything with Spider-Man on it, to gift cards for his mother and grandmother.

"My heart's skipping beats right now," said Lisa Devins, with Kimberly-Clark. "This little boy is very special and he deserves all the world has to offer him so I hope he has a Merry Christmas."

"This is wonderful. This is just so nice. It was unsuspected," said Michaela Mitchell, Jeremiah's mother.

Jeremiah contracted bacterial meningitis last spring in Oologah. The outbreak killed two of his classmates and sent five others to the hospital. Jeremiah has gone through countless surgeries to repair what's left of arms and legs, get skins grafts, and have his face reconstructed.

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"It's been a hard year this year, but he's doing so good, it makes me so proud," Michaela said.

Jeremiah is now a first grader in Tulsa Public Schools at Bryant Elementary. The district provides an assistant to help him get around but other than that, his mom says, he's just like any other student.

"It's really special," she said. "Everybody's been very kind to us, made us feel right at home."

Jeremiah is leaving for Cincinnati tomorrow for a checkup at the Shriners Hospital. He's scheduled next week to be fitted for his first prosthetic arm. He'll get one appendage at a time until he has all four.

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