Investigation Continues Into Conspiracy To Commit Murder Of Tulsa County DA

Friday, December 3rd 2010, 12:12 pm
By: News On 6

Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Police say people already in jail and accused of murder have been planning to have District Attorney Tim Harris killed.

Detectives say its a case of conspiracy to commit first degree murder and they've been investigating it for the past week. It was serious enough that Harris and his family have been under 24-hour protection.

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Detectives say its a very complex case that involves several people, conversations and notes. These warrants show they've searched five jail cells and one home this week.

They first learned about murder plot from a jail inmate. They say this isn't the run of the mill threat that police and DA's get all the time; this was a plan in motion, happening very fast.

Police say there are three main players.

Alonzo Johnson has been charged with helping in the murder for hire plan that ended with Tulsan Neal Sweeney being shot to death in his office. The informant told police he heard Johnson say "someone needs to walk into Tim Harris' office and put a bullet in his head" and later, "Harris will get his."

The threat became much more serious when the informant said Johnson asked Phillip Summers to order the hit done and promised to pay him to do so. Officers say Summers is a leader in the Hoover Crips gang. He is charged with murder. Police say Summers wanted to get back at a rival gang member, so he murdered that gang member's parents, Ples and Shelly Vann.

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Officers believe Alexander Hall was helping work out the details of Harris' murder between Johnson and Summers, including where and how payment could be made. Records show these two inmates were smaller players, helping pass notes back and forth in the jail. Officers did confiscate notes from the jail.

"There are things that happen before crimes happen, communications and things of that nature. That's what our search warrants were for and we did seize items in regard to that," said Tulsa Police Sergeant Mike Huff.

Officers say Johnson was in a big hurry to have Harris killed, got the money and told Summers, the hit was a go, but Summers didn't think anything could happen over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Police say the suspects mentioned a man who goes by Turk. They would like to know who he is.

"That individual may have something to do with the individuals we served the search warrants on, and we'd like to talk to Turk," said Sergeant Mike Huff of Tulsa Police Department's Major Crimes division. "You'll know who he is, so call Crime Stoppers 24 hours a day, and we'll respond immediately."

On Friday, Harris issued the following statement: "I deeply appreciate the professionalism and expertise of the Tulsa Police Department in their efforts to insure my and my family's safety. This is an ongoing investigation and I cannot comment on its progress.

"We will cooperate fully in an effort to brings this to a successful conclusion. I also appreciate this community's prayers and support throughout this challenging time."

Police say this is a complex investigation involving many players and conversations and notes, and they are still investigating with the hope that charges will be filed.