Tulsa Registered Sex Offender's Arrest Prompts Search For More Victims

Monday, November 22nd 2010, 9:59 am
By: News On 6

Lacie Lowry, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A convicted sex offender was arrested for new crimes and now detectives are worried more innocent children may have been hurt.

Officers arrested Lynton Moore last month and since then, say they've made some disturbing discoveries.

Moore is charged with four counts of child sexual assault and on two young boys. Now, another boy has come forward claiming he was also a victim of Moore.

Since Lynton Moore's arrest on October 8th, Tulsa police found another boy who claims Moore assaulted him in 2009.

Police now believe Moore may have been targeting kids for the past ten years.

"It kind of shows a pattern that these two victims aren't his only victims," said Jeanne MacKenzie, of the Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit.

In 1996, the 51-year-old went to prison for Lewd Molestation of a child. He got out of prison in 2000 and has lived in Tulsa or the surrounding areas ever since.

"Since he's been out of prison for ten years and we have three victims that are not related to each other, we figure that there's probably going to be more victims," MacKenzie said.

Police believe Moore met his victims through the hair salons where he worked.

He worked part-time at "Salon in the Park" at 71st and Mingo and another in Sapulpa. Police say his victims were the children of his clients.

Detectives also believe he may have met kids through different churches where he mentored, but they won't release the names of those churches.

Police said if they released those church names, parents might think their children weren't affected if their family doesn't attend that specific church.

Police said with the vast social networks that exist among children these days, there's still a chance a child came in contact with Moore even if they didn't attend his church.

"He actually attended these churches, but wasn't like a youth group leader and didn't teach any classes that we know of. We just think that's how he met people and met his victims," MacKenzie said.

Moore hasn't changed his appearance much of the last decade and police say the same is true for his sexual behavior towards children.

Moore is in custody and his next court appearance is January 19th.

If you have any information or believe your child came in contact with Moore, you can call Tulsa Police's Child Crisis Unit at 669-6513.