Oklahoma Natural Gas Says Customers Will Pay Less This Winter

Friday, November 5th 2010, 10:04 am
By: News On 6

Bryan Emory, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Oklahoma Natural Gas rolled a new lower price just in time for winter. They've dropped the price they'll charge for fuel by one third.

Every time a gas appliance fires up it can burn through your utility bills, but this winter the damage will be less than usual.

The November bills from Oklahoma Natural Gas reflect a new lower price for gas, the lowest price in 8 years.

"Natural gas prices over the last 15 years have been very volatile. They've gone up and down and up again, but right now we're in a downward cycle," said Don Sherry of Oklahoma Natural Gas.

In Oklahoma, natural gas is used all year for cooking and for gas fired water heaters. It's the colder months that are just ahead when usage peaks in homes with gas fired furnaces.

Even people with fireplaces sometimes use gas logs. The new lower price will make the biggest difference for those ONG customers.

Current Price $4.98 / dekatherm
Last Year $7.12 / dekatherm

Typical Savings $141.67 / year
Lowest Price since 2002

The new cost of fuel from ONG is $4.98 per dekatherm - compared to last November at $7.12. ONG says a typical customer will save $141 dollars a year because of the change.

Current Price $4.98 / dekatherm
Lock in Price $5.75 / dekatherm

15,000 customers locked in
800,000 customers statewide

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Not everyone will share in the savings - customers who "locked in" their price will pay $5.75 for the next year.

ONG says 15,000 customers locked in, out of 800 thousand customers statewide.

ONG points out the price fluctuates each month and could rise, though they believe prices will remain stable through spring.

"So it's been quite some time since we've been able to offer prices this low." Sherry said.

To see how much you're paying check the bill under customer fuel cost. Multiply that by the units billed and you'll see your cost of fuel.

Since fuel use spikes in the winter, in most months it's a small part of the total. For all of ONG's customers, even customers of other utilities who buy their gas, prices are down, just as the bills normally go up.