Sand Springs Teen Writes Song To Honor Classmates Killed In Crash

Monday, November 1st 2010, 5:53 pm
By: News On 6 & Ashli Sims, News On 6

SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma – Dozens of Sand Springs teenagers gathered Monday to remember their classmate killed in a car accident last week.

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Two Sand Springs sophomores, 15-year-old Hannah Christian and 15-year-old Cassidy Rotramel, died when the driver of the car they were riding in ran a stop sign at west 61st Street and 161st West Avenue and was hit by a pickup truck, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

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Now one of their classmates has poured his grief into a melody. 

Jacob Tankersley, a senior at Charles Page High School, wrote the song "See You Soon" the night after the crash.

"It was like one o'clock and I woke up and word for word the song kind of poured out of me in probably like ten minutes," Tankersley said.

Jacob says he knew Hannah and Cassidy's song had to be heard. So he emptied his share of his college savings account to record it.

"I just took it out of there. I was just like I have to do this. So we went to the studio. Got it done," he said.  "It cost a little bit but it was worth it."

A friend of the family put the song into the ears of Kelley Cash from K95.5 FM's morning show.

"When I heard him play, I was like wow," Cash said.

Cash played a sample of the song on her radio show and the reaction was immediate.

Even before she was off the air, a man was offering her a $100 bill for a copy of Jacob's CD and said he wouldn't accept any change.

"He said, 'it doesn't matter. You give that to Jacob.' And I said, 'who do I say it's from?' And he said, 'God knows who I am.'  And I just gave him a big hug. It's just touching," Cash said.

Jacob said he hopes the song will touch everyone who's lost a loved one and remind Hannah and Cassidy's families, they'll see their angels again.

You can hear the full song Tuesday morning at 6:50 am on K95.5 FM. You purchase copies of the "See You Soon" CD at

All of the proceeds will go to a trust fund for Hannah and Cassidy's families.