Let The Blogging Begin

Monday, November 1st 2010, 7:54 am
By: News On 6

Wow!  Did you get out this weekend?  Please tell me you did!  What a super weekend we experienced with our weather pattern.  The south winds were a little brisk and this helped to warm us into the mid and upper 70s this weekend.  But the upper level pattern is changing once again, and I think we may be in store for some fall like air for the rest of the week.

A major upper level trough is developing across the Hudson Bay area of Canada and will be sliding southward this week across the Midwest.  A mid level ridge of high pressure will be developing across the western third of the nation and will allow for near record highs in these areas.  The upper level trough will bring a taste of colder air to the Midwest and some of this will slide into Northeastern Ok Thursday and Friday.  Before hand, a weak upper level system will also cross the state tonight or Tuesday morning with a slight chance of some scattered showers for few hours early Tuesday. The higher chances Tuesday will be south and southeast of Tulsa.  The air mass combined with this upper level trough will act to keep us in the 60s for most of the day Tuesday before moving into the upper 60s Wednesday.  Temperatures will become cooler Thursday and Friday with morning lows in the 30s and afternoon highs in the upper 50s near 60.  If you like fall weather, you'll probably enjoy the next few days.  Take the coat and keep it in the car.  You may need it for a few days. 


I'm embarking on a new phase of my duties here at the NewsOn6.  You may or may not know that for the past several years I have been posting a weather discussion on our advanced weather section.  This "discussion" allowed me to share a few insights on the forecast process and some in-depth information about weather systems approaching the area.  In the past few years I've written about the complexities of model comparisons and the functionality of bufkit, the difficulties of winter forecasting, and my ramblings about what may or may not happen in the next 16 days.  As you may have noticed, we have changed a few things here at the NewsOn6 during the past 2 weeks.  We have a new look, a new logo, a new weather graphics system, and even some new radar capabilities that you haven't seen yet.

Part of the new web site design resulted in the end of my forecast discussion but the beginning of my new weather blog.  This blog will contain the basics of the old forecast discussion and hopefully some other topics you may find interesting.  People who know how to blog have told me to be original and be bold and share things that are personal to me.  Not just details about the weather, but maybe some other insight into some portion of my life here at the NewsOn6 or maybe even some personal information about myself.  I've never understood why some face book posts are detailing a trip to the grocery store, or why some one's tweet from Twitter details what creamer they just put into their morning coffee.  I'll try to stay away from this type of mundane and ultra boring blogging.  But, as much as it will force me to grow in my rudimentary blogging skills, I will promise to eventually share some insights about things other than weather.  This could get me in trouble at times, which is something I've rarely done in the past 20 years.  I've always been a rule follower and have kept everything between the lines. But life is too short to play it safe anymore and I'm not getting any younger.  So, saddle up.  Let's see where this thing can go during the next few months.  Just like a ' real blog", you'll be able to leave comments and I'll be able to leave comments about your comments.  Let the blogging begin.