News On 6 Launches "Oklahoma's Own" Campaign With New Logo

Monday, October 25th 2010, 9:31 am
By: News On 6    

TULSA, Oklahoma -- As you've probably noticed it's a new beginning at News On 6. We've made several changes that we hope will improve your viewing experience and allow us to tell stories that are important to Oklahoma.

It's been busy behind the scenes at News On 6. Engineers have been installing miles of cable, thousands of connectors and checking and double-checking new hardware and software systems.

Simply put, we're getting a makeover.

"It's a really, really big project and it's on a scale that's really been unseen," said John Quesnel, Director of Production.

There are a number of things that you, as the viewer, will notice.

In the weather center, for example, we have a new graphics system and we've added the ability to time-lapse video from our SkyCams.

"So for the weather guys they can, hopefully, tell a better story as well as communicate with more accuracy and more detail what the viewer can experience as far as a forecast," said John Quesnel.

The graphics that you'll read on air have changed as well. The goal is to make it easier for you to understand a story without graphics or text on the screen to get in the way.

"So the graphics are, sort of, a less is more philosophy. You won't see as many graphics on the screen, trying to make things a little bit more clean, less cluttered," said John Quesnel.

We've also changed the way we broadcast.

Those black bars on the side of your HD-TV will be gone. Everything, from Oprah to Dr. Phil to our newscast will cover the entire screen.

In addition to the look on air, you'll be seeing a new focus on stories that showcase our Oklahoma roots and values.

We call it simply, Oklahoma's Own and it reflects the business principles and mission that drives our local family ownership, Griffin Communications.

That change is evident everywhere, from stories to images.

"And so a lot of our graphic packages focuses on scenic footage from around Oklahoma, both sides of the state, and try to uncover the screen for the viewer to improve their viewing experience, said John Quesnel.

When KOTV signed on the air in 1949 it was a very big deal. The station even billed itself as the "station of the stars" where viewers could find all the big performers of the day.

As the years went by the graphic look changed with the times, along with various versions of the number six. As severe weather forecasting became more important, different logos were added to showcase the new technology and communicate the urgency of live television.

Many viewers will remember "The Spirit Of Oklahoma" and the campaign that went with it. It transitioned to simply "The News On 6" and that's what we've remained.

We're excited for the changes and looking forward to continuing to work hard for you and Oklahoma.