Oklahoma Lt. Governor Race Faces The Truth Test

Friday, October 22nd 2010, 7:01 pm
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, News On 6

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma -- The race for Oklahoma's lieutenant governor has become a war of words after one candidate tried to tie the other into a political scandal.

Both candidates are state senators who both voted for a bill that turned into scandal, but Kenneth Corn's ad makes it sound like Todd Lamb was much more involved than he was.

The ads contain claims--and counter claims--about the two men running for lieutenant governor. An ad from the Kenneth Corn campaign suggests Todd Lamb is involved with bribes and slush funds.

AD: "Despite Todd Lambs misleading denials about an alleged bribe, here are the facts. Lamb still admits he read and signed off on an $80 thousand dollar job paid for with a government slush fund. Here's his actual signature."

It's an allegation related to the scandals in the State Medical Examiner's office. Last May, the legislature passed a bill creating a job in the M-E's office for a State Senator. The governor vetoed the bill, but the political scandal continues.

AD: "It's a deal so shady the district attorney opened a criminal investigation and said there's - quote- strong evidence of political corruption."

It's true. Oklahoma County's DA started a political corruption investigation because of the bill, but says Todd Lamb is not, and never was part of the investigation. So the statement is true, the insinuation is not true.

Ad: "Kenneth Corn is running a false, negative campaign. Kenneth Corn knows his attacks are false because he voted for the same bill."

This claim from a Todd Lamb ad is true. The bill that created the political job--and the scandal--passed unanimously. Senators Kenneth Corn and Todd Lamb voted for it.

AD: "…and Todd Lamb signed off on the deal."

It's really Lamb's signature, but it's on legislative paperwork, not a political deal, so the statement is not true.

Lamb, along with almost everyone who touched the legislation, says he didn't know the details of what was in it.

Both campaigns have defended their ads in the last few days and not backed down from the claims, or the rebuttal.

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