News On 6 Viewers Share Their Earthquake Stories

Wednesday, October 13th 2010, 4:29 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Many News On 6 viewers from around Oklahoma felt Wednesday's 4.3 earthquake that shook parts of five states.  The quake was centered just east of Norman and happened just after 9 a.m.

Kim Lewis sent this email:

Work at Mill Creek Lumber in Broken Arrow. We just experienced the ground shaking a few minutes ago. Thought it was wind but it wasn't blowing. Then one of our salesmen was here at the time and his wife called to tell him their house shook.

Alice Cole sent this email:

I live near Foyil and felt my bed shake. I didn't realize it was a quake until my son called.

Wanda Schepers from Tulsa sent this:

At about 9:10 am, we felt what we think was an earthquake in Bixby. It was also felt in Sapulpa and Mounds.

Jennifer Dowler sent this email:

We felt it downtown at 15th and Boulder. We work on the 11th floor but it shook our whole building.

Leslie Rock from Claremore sent this email:

I work at the Claremore Indian Hospital and I was setting at my desk and felt my chair shake a little but didn't know it was from the earthquake.

Larry Newton sent us this email:

We just felt it here in Skiatook also. I heard a rumble and the walls were moving in and out. The computer monitor on my desk was shaking.

Email from Melissa Fair in Pryor:

I live in Pryor and it woke my 8 month old baby and I up this morning. I thought maybe a water line broke and a backhoe was outside digging. I looked and seen nothing. I thought "surely that wasn't an earthquake!" So I fed the baby then turned on the tv and found out it was an earthquake! What a shock for me since I live so far away from it!

Tracy Grasso sent us an email from Midwest City:

I work at Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma City and our desk and computer screens shook . and my husband called from Shawnee and he said it was like a gust of wind and shook our home, and a guy I work with he lives in Shawnee also and his wife said that some windows were broken out in Pottawatomie Co. I also work with a lady from Harrah and she said her husband called and her glass trinkets fell off their shelf and broke.

Virginia Bentley sent us this email:

I felt it at 9:10 - my whole house shook - it started to the east and moved west - my dog and I ran outside - I used to live in CA so I know the feeling! Scary!

Lindsay Whitworth in Mounds sent us an email:

We are located just South of Tulsa, in Mounds off of 181st at GoBob Pipe & Steel, We felt the building shake and stuff rattle around. It was very uneasy feeling.

B.S. Joseph sent us an email from South Tulsa:

I was sitting at my desk at work (71st & Memorial) and suddenly felt very strange. Finally I realized the ground was shaking and I noticed a cup of water on my desk was rippling. I thought it was maybe the wind shaking the building but 5 minutes later a co-worker rushed in and told me about the earthquake. What an eerie feeling. I can't imagine being present during a large earthquake. The earthquake simulators see at zoos and museums that you can stand on do no justice to the real thing.

Linda Boulton from Bartlesville emailed us as well:

Felt in downtown Bartlesville at the ConocoPhillips offices.

Cynthia Pradmore in Pawhuska sent us this email:

Called home and told that we had an earthquake, in Fairfax, Ok. Also some other workers in Pawhuska, Ok say that they felt the quake as well.

Melissa Holcomb sent us an email from South Tulsa:

I work on the 44th floor of the ORU Citiplex towers and we all felt the building shake.

Teresa Cline felt the quake too as she stated in her email:

I also felt the quake. live at 15th & S. Delaware. The cat ran under the bed, our aquarium swayed, I heard the foundation rumble & windows breathe. Very interesting feeling.

Stillwater resident Sheryl Ellis sent us a note too:

We felt it here in Stillwater at the Allied Waste Landfill. I thought the trucks were shaking the scales! My husband yelled from the back, what are you doing up there? I said the scale house shook! Surely, its not an earthquake!

Heather Bacon in Coweta tells us about her experience:

Good morning. My co-worker and I were working in a house that is made into a medical clinic at a company called Zeeco in Coweta. She was leaning against the wall and I was sitting at the desk when we both felt the whole house shake, my flat screen computer was shaking for what felt like many seconds. We joked at the time saying maybe it's an earthquake. We both were surprised when we found out it was!

Sand Springs school teacher Mandi Cloud sent us this email:

I am a teacher in Sand Springs, and we felt the earthquake it in our classroom. Our LCD projector that hangs from the ceiling shook and the kids could see it moving as it projected on our SMARTboard. They were very excited to find out that they felt a real earthquake!

Email from Perry McGill east of Tulsa:

I live on the east side of Tulsa and awoke around 907 felt something like a small vibration all around. Just gotten out of bed still not quite awake I thought it was a big truck or something rolling by. Really didn't pay much attention to it. Got online and read about it really weird.

Stephanie Wallace sent us this email:

I live in Hallett, Ok and around 9:11 a.m felt my house shake to the point I thought someone hit it with a car. My house was built in 1919 is two-story I was very alarmed when I felt this large house move!

If you have video that shows the quake hitting, please contact The News On 6 by calling (918) 732-6105 or emailing your contact information to