Football Fans Pay Hefty Price For TU vs. OSU Ticket

Friday, September 17th 2010, 9:36 pm
By: News On 6

By Lacie Lowry, The News On 6

STILLWATER, Oklahoma -- Oklahoma State University and University of Tulsa renew their football rivalry in Stillwater on Saturday.

But the conversation overshadowing each team's talent is the price of a ticket to the game.

It's a big ticket -- $90 a pop. OSU's Athletic Director says the school is trying to boost season ticket sales. So a single, one-game ticket is more expensive.

Tulsa fans have been waiting since 2004 to see OSU go head to head again with the Golden Hurricane. Many of them never thought they would have to pay $90 for it.

"Yeah, they are that high. My husband and I were going to buy them, but when we found out that they were that high, we said no. So we are going because they were given to us," said Allison Humphreys, who is a TU fan.

Lacie Lowry, The News On 6: Would you pay $90 for that game?

Nader Shaker, Union High School Student: Honestly, no, I wouldn't, but that's just me.

OSU's Athletic Director has said he wants to boost home game attendance to more than 50,000 on a regular basis. To do that, he has hiked the price on individual tickets and made season tickets cheaper. As a result, season ticket sales have increased over the last couple of years.

"I think it averages out about $60 a ticket and you can't do much for less than $60 a ticket," said Roma Estes, who is an OSU season ticket holder.

The guys at AM 1430 The Buzz have been fielding calls on the big ticket prices all week.

"For the people who just maybe want to see a couple of games a year, this is ridiculous," said a caller to The Buzz.

"It's not the money. Like I said, I'm going to drop $1,000 going to Notre Dame because Notre Dame is Notre Dame. I think everybody ought to see it one time. I've been to Stillwater," said a caller to The Buzz. 

This is the most expensive ticket of the weekend for college football and competes with even pro prices.

"I jumped online and checked, you can actually watch Sam Bradford with the St. Louis Rams play the Oakland Raiders for $84 for two tickets," said Jeremie Poplin of AM 1430 The Buzz.

OSU allotted TU 5,000 tickets for Saturday's game. Tulsa had to return 3,000 of those tickets because they simply couldn't sell them.