Women Are Shootin' Up A Ruckus At The Zink Ranch

Thursday, September 9th 2010, 5:56 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

SKIATOOK, OKLAHOMA -- Strap on your shootin' iron; it's time for the Ruckus in the Nations. Ruckus in the Nations is a Wild West shooting match sponsored by the Indian Territory Single Action Shooting Society, and the women like the shootin' as much as the men folk.

Several ladies are members of the Indian Territory Single Action Shooters Society, and they are competing in this weekend's Ruckus.

A misconception as you'll see, I figured this single action shooting was a man's game.

Rick Wells, The News On 6: "What are you all doing?"
Catoosa Red: "We're having as much fun as the guys are."

They compete with the same equipment - a rifle a shotgun and a pistol. Everyone has an outfit, but the Single Action Shooters have prettier ones.

You can decorate your guns, add a little bling.

Catoosa Red has her name engraved on the handle of each of hers: Catoosa Red, Goddess, Rock Creek Bottoms, and Prairie Diamond.

Each member of the Society nationwide - and there are thousands - has an alias.

"Everybody's alias is unique, there's not another Rock Creek Bottoms, Goddess," said Catoosa Red.

Rick Wells, The News On 6: "Is it like a brand, do you register it someplace?"
Catoosa Red: "Yes."

Most of the women came to shooting almost reluctantly, preferring to just watch their husbands.

"Pretty soon I'm shooting, and I uncover a competitive streak I didn't know I had," Catoosa Red said.

Of course that's what this is all about - the shooting - they compete for speed and accuracy within a scenario they are given at each station during the event. The goal is hitting as many targets as you can, in the correct order and in the fastest time.

The Ruckus runs through weekend at the Red Castle Gun Club up at the Zink Ranch.