Grilled Banana Dessert

Monday, August 2nd 2010, 10:46 am
By: News On 6

1-4 serving size pkg.instant banana cream pudding mix (can use instant sugar-free)

2 cups milk

1/3 cup sour cream

1 tsp. vanilla

6 firm bananas

4 Tbsp. Butter, melted

½ tsp. nutmeg

4 Tbsp. Sugar

4 Panera shortbread cookies, crumbled

5-6 Tbsp. Caramel ice cream topping

Prepare pudding mix according to package directions using the 2 cups of milk. Stir in sour cream and vanilla until smooth. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until needed.

Peel bananas and cut each one in half crosswise and then cut each half in half lengthwise. Mix together the sugar and nutmeg. Brush bananas with butter and then sprinkle each banana with sugar/nutmeg mixture. Heat a nonstick grill or grill pan on stovetop…or grill outside. Grill about 1-2 minutes in a covered grill. Cook 4-6 minutes on an open grill. Turn bananas once when cooking until browned and softened.

To serve, place two banana quarters in each of 6 dessert dishes. Top with some of the cookies and banana cream pudding. Repeat with banana quarters, cookies and pudding. Drizzle caramel topping over each serving.