Heavy Rains Tuesday Lead To Flooding Headaches In Washington County

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 3:43 pm
By: News On 6


UNDATED -- Slowly moving thunderstorms created flooding problems for residents in Washington County Tuesday.

Sylvia Starr rushed back from work after hearing that the creek near her home had gone over its banks.

Flooding Pictures

"We had to wade through about three foot of water to even get to the house," she said. "But it came up and down really quick."

Quickly enough to stop at the foot of her house, some water seeped into her garage, but there's no major damage

"Breathing a sigh of relief but ready for the next round if it comes," Starr said.

Washington County Emergency Management officials said a second round of flooding is a distinct possibility.

"Anything we get from this point is going to cause us some issues of some sort," said Kary Cox,

Washington County Emergency Management Director. "Because there's no where else for it to go.

At the Lakeshore Mobile Home Park, already notorious for its flooding, some residents are getting while the getting is good.

James Epple was already going to move, but opted to leave a day early.

"No, I'm not staying, not going to wait it out," he said. "No sense in it."

Other people have a different attitude. Like most in Washington County, they'll be watching the water, but they're not panicking yet.

"No not yet, the higher the water comes, I guess the more fishing I'll be doing, "Mark McCarty said.

The flooding did prompt some road closures in Bartlesville and other locations in Washington County.  Those roads were re-opened late Tuesday when the waters started to recede.