Kerr Lake: One Of Oklahoma's Best Kept Secrets

Thursday, July 1st 2010, 5:12 pm
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6  

KERR LAKE, OK -- Businesses along area lakes are gearing up for a busy holiday weekend.

The News On 6 recently got an email from a viewer who said we should visit Kerr Lake, which a lot of people may not know much about compared to other lakes like Fort Gibson, Eufaula and Grand.

Three-year-old Madison has her Spongebob Squarepants pole and her grandma and big sister Mckenzie by her side to enjoy time together at Kerr Lake.

While Madison is a little shy, others aren't bashful about why they like Kerr Lake. For some, it's a peaceful getaway where you can enjoy our state's natural beauty.

"The woods, the water, the breeze coming off the water," said Dewitt Nelson, a Poteau resident. "A nice oasis on a hot Oklahoma day."

"There's always a breeze, so you don't get too hot," said Maghen Graham, a Poteau resident.

But many people may not know much about the lake.

"It's one of Oklahoma's best kept secrets," said Jeff Voyles, Applegate Cove Marina. "It really is."

"I guess it's just not talked about as much, that's what it is," Dewayne Burgess, a Sallisaw resident.

While lesser-known than some other lakes like Eufaula or Texoma, there are some, like the Burgess family, that know Kerr Lake well.

"If we're not camping, we're driving through looking for a spot to go camping here," Burgess said. "Serious."

The owners of Applegate Cove Marina would like to see more people enjoying the lake, with its 250 miles of shoreline and 43,000 surface acres of water surrounded by the Cookson Hills.

"Always dreamed of having a boat down here. Never dreamed of owning the place," Voyles said. "It's gorgeous. It's absolutely gorgeous."

Meghan Graham and her family are enjoying that scenery from the marinas floating cabin.

"It's great," she said. "It's very different."

So if you're after something different, relaxation, fun in the sun, or the fishing, those who love the lake say you might want to give Kerr a try.

"It's got a lot of good fishing areas," Dewitt Nelson said. "You'll have a blast. You'll have a blast. Come on."

The location where the News On 6 went to on Kerr Lake is about eight miles south of Sallisaw.