Dewey Bartlett Asks Opponent Tom Adelson For Apology

Friday, October 2nd 2009, 7:34 pm
By: News On 6

News On 6

TULSA, OK -- There is new controversy in the race for Tulsa's top job. Mayoral Candidate Dewey Bartlett took on the latest TV ad from his opponent Tom Adelson Friday afternoon, calling it an out-and-out lie.

AD: "Dewey Bartlett raised turnpike tolls then diverted our money to a privately owned airline that was going needed to fix our roads."

The ad claims Bartlett diverted road money to the ill-fated Great Plains Airlines.

Bartlett said the Oklahoma Transportation Authority discussed options in the fall of 2002 over Great Plains Airlines plans to offer nonstop service to New York. But the airline didn't receive the financing they wanted and eventually went out of business.

Bartlett says no transfer of any money was ever made.

"I call upon Senator Adelson to apologize, to pull the ad off of the air and to get back with talking about the issues like a grown adult should do," said Dewey Bartlett, Tulsa mayoral candidate.

Bartlett calls the ad slanderous, but says he won't be filing a lawsuit.

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