Tulsa Public School Superintendent In Boston On Learning Trip

Thursday, October 1st 2009, 3:30 pm
By: News On 6


BOSTON, MA -- State Superintendent Sandy Garrett, Oklahoma City superintendent Karl Springer and Tulsa superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard have traveled to Boston this week to study more closely the pressing issue of the need for more instructional time for students.

In a news release from Sandy Garrett's office, she invited both superintendents to visit the National Center for Time and Learning and to discuss expanded learning time for schools in need of improvement in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

The three are also visiting Boston schools that have adopted this strategy and are already experiencing significant gains in student achievement as a result.

"Time reform in schools is an issue near and dear to me; I've been talking about the need for more instructional time not only for Oklahoma students but for students in schools across America since 2007," Garrett said. "Our main global competitors in Asia and Europe require far more instructional time for their students than we do. If we don't take purposeful action - especially for our neediest students - there will be far more than oceans separating our future workers from theirs."

Any proposals to expand learning time in Tulsa and Oklahoma, which serve approximately 85,000 students and about 13 percent of total statewide enrollment in Oklahoma, will require planning and involvement of local school boards, parents and teachers.