King's Champion Medieval Fair brings Valor to the Dark Ages

Tuesday, September 15th 2009, 9:43 am
By: News On 6

Chris Howell

TULSA---The King's Champion Medieval Fair was held over the weekend at Chandler Park in Tulsa. The Fairies, Gypsies, Knights and Goblins cavorted with those from the modern age and didn't seem bothered by the light rain on their festivities.

Each of the players spoke highly of modern conveniences, yet all harkened back to a simpler time where chivalry ruled and cell phones and texting were nonexistent.

‘It seems like the medieval people had a better sense of valor and the true sense of companionship,' said fairy Deyna, also known as Mary Holliday, ‘now with texting and email it's just so easy to go along without ever finding those true people that you can be open with.'

Warrior Facon Dupray, aka Jon Powell, battled on the field of honor and expressed his longing for some of the values of a time gone by.

‘It's part of the magic that brings people to our society,' Duprey said, ‘it's searching for that magic that we don't always see in our world today. It was a simpler time where people could focus on those qualities that we hold dear.'

If you missed the second annual fair, it will return next year, bringing its pageantry and truth to the good people of Green Country once again.