Oklahomans React to President's Health Care Speech

Thursday, September 10th 2009, 9:40 am
By: News On 6

By Chris Wright, The News On 6

UNDATED -- Oklahoma lawmakers are chiming in on President Obama's speech to Congress.  Members of our Washington delegation say the speech was eloquently delivered, but did little to change their minds.  They do not agree with the president's proposed reforms, and even after last night, say they will remain opposed to them.

Sooner State senators and representatives witnessed Wednesday night's water cooler moment first-hand.

"The reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those illegally," said President Barack Obama.

"You lie!" interjected Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

"It's not true," said President Barack Obama.

Representative Dan Boren's office is actually only a few doors down from South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, the man who shouted at the president.

"Gosh I think the comments were unfortunate.  It's really out of character for Joe. I do know him personally, and gosh I'm sure he wanted to take those back," said Oklahoma Congressman Dan Boren.

As for the speech itself, Boren, a Democrat, says because the president is sticking with the public option, he will keep his promise to his constituents and not vote for current reform efforts.

It's a sentiment echoed by Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin.

"From what I heard from the speaker last night, and what I heard from President Obama, it looks like they're pretty headstrong on pushing their plan through, and I think they're still not listening to the American people," said Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin, a Republican.

Our senators also lobbed criticism at Obama. 

"As usual, President Obama's delivery this evening was absolutely superb, but no level of eloquence can make his health care scheme look good.  The American people just are not buying it," said Senator Jim Inhofe.

Senator Coburn contends that the health care myths the president talked about, are based on fact.

"Both the House and Senate bills do, in fact, set the stage for health care rationing, taxpayer-funded abortion and a government takeover of the health care system," said Senator Tom Coburn.

So, if the Democrats' plan is passed, it will happen without support from Oklahoma.        

"What we need to do is come together in a bi-partisan way, address some of the concerns that the public wants us to address," said Congresswoman Mary Fallin.

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