EMSA Releases 911 Tapes In Tulsa Rock Quarry Crash

Saturday, September 5th 2009, 12:55 pm
By: News On 6


TULSA, OK -- Amanda Stone called in to 911 after the pickup in which she was riding fell over 150 feet into a rock quarry. She was the only survivor of four.

She first called 911 and the Tulsa Police Department at 3:30 a.m. She did not know where she was but was thought to be in the area of 15th and 129th East Avenue.

Just before 5 a.m. EMSA received a call from the victim.

"EMSA Dispatcher Stephanee Corbet stayed on the phone with the woman for 45 minutes," said Tina Wells, EMSA Vice President.

Through questioning Stone, Corbett was able to help police and EMSA paramedics find the injured teen in the north Tulsa rock quarry.

Listen as Corbett talks to her patient as they wait for help to arrive.

"In the final two tapes, Stone is yelling so that EMSA Field Operations Supervisor Jason Whitlow, EMSA Paramedic Bill Reid and EMSA EMT Joshua Spence can figure out exactly where in the quarry she's located," Wells said.

The second rescue tape is more of the caller and the EMSA field personnel yelling back and forth, and Corbet helping facilitate.