Chris and Amy's Bowling Ball Yard Art

Thursday, September 3rd 2009, 2:32 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell,

NOWATA, OK -- When Amy Barbee died in 1997, she had some old bowling balls artistically placed in her garden.

Years later her husband Chris had the idea of using the bowling balls to create a fence for their Nowata home.

Little did he know that bowling balls would become an artistic passion and a delight for visitors to Chris and Amy's Bowling Ball Yard Art.

"Once this thing got started it took off like wildfire," explained Chris.  "I've had people drop off bowling balls, call me and tell me they've got some and I'll go get them, I get them at yard sales, flea markets, estate sales, bowling alleys give them to me, I had one guy drop off 54 one day!"

He now has over 800 bowling balls in his yard and has crafted them into fences, an entire alphabet, a cross and what may be the heaviest set of rosary beads in the world.

He is even in the process of building a small house from the balls.

"I've never had a negative comment about it. People are thrilled, they leave me notes and tell me ‘good work' and how much they like it," said Chris.

Chris and Amy's collection has been featured in several publications and television articles, and Chris is happy with the attention to his artwork.

"I get a kick out of visiting with the people," he said.  "I do it for my pleasure and my hobby and other people enjoy it. too."

If you would like information on Chris and Amy's Bowling Ball Yard Art, or would like to drop off a bowling ball or two, call 918-559-9017.