Severe Weather Strikes Eastern Oklahoma

Thursday, August 20th 2009, 7:40 am
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6

MUSKOGEE COUNTY, OK - It's summer, but the usual August heat has given way to spring-like storms.  While it's nice to get the rain this time of year, it is not so nice to get the wind that comes with it.  Some Oklahomans found that out the hard way in Muskogee and Coweta.

On Earl Brashear's River View Farms, there is always work to do and now Brashear just got one more thing added to his to do list.  An old semi cattle trailer was overturned by strong storms that hit his farm.

"It bent that pipe a little bit up there on the end," said Earl Brashear of River View Farms.

Winds were estimated at about 70 miles an hour which was strong enough to overturn the trailer.

"I guess it is junk now," said Ear Brashear.

The storm also pulled 75 foot section of metal away from the roof on an outbuilding.  The storm tossed metal beams and sheets about 50 yards away.

"We'll have to start over with new stuff.  This sure won't be no good.  It's ruint.  This stuff is all ruint," said Earl Brashear of River View Farms.

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The storm didn't last long, in fact it only took 10 or 15 minutes to move through, but it was long enough to cause a lot of damage.

The strong wind also splintered trees in the area west of Muskogee.  The sudden storm shocked neighbor Johnnie Hall.

"I thought my house was going to go.  It was strong you know," said Johnnie Hall of Muskogee County.

The storm also damaged the roof of a home near Coweta.

Brashear's home wasn't damaged, but he faces quite a cleanup job.

"I guess I'll get in there and put it back together," said Earl Brashear of River View Farms.