Tulsa Supporter Of Health Care Reform Speaks Out

Friday, August 14th 2009, 7:54 am
By: News On 6

By Latoya Silmon, The News On 6 

BROKEN ARROW, OK -- Oklahoma U.S. Senator Tom Colburn held two town hall meetings on Thursday and today, he is hosting a town hall meeting in Broken Arrow and another later in Jenks.

Hundreds are expected to voice their fears and frustrations over the proposed five plans circulating in Congress.

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But a small group for reform is pushing back.

Conservatives will likely show up in Broken Arrow in large numbers, but a group of about 10 who support plans for reform say it's time to stop the rumor mill and get the facts.

Barbara Jimenez is one of those 10 and says she's living proof that change is needed.

A nurse with a home healthcare business she thought she'd done everything right. She had good health insurance and she planned ahead, but her two children have special needs and then she fell and hurt her back.

Barbara says the out of pocket expenses ripped her family a part.

Barbara Jimenez and her husband divorced because of the financial stress, she's losing her Broken Arrow home and she had to ship her child to live in another state where more federal assistance is available.

Barbara Jimenez says it's time to put partisan politics aside because what happened to her can happen to anyone.

"I truly believe that Americans are smart enough to make some changes in health care. I truly believe that as a country we have got to make some changes. people cannot find out that they have cancer and lose their home or file bankruptcy," said Barbara Jimenez.

She plans to be at Coburn's town hall meeting.

Barbara says like most people, they if they are covered they likely have a false sense of security.

Coburn's town hall meeting moved from Broken Arrow's Main Place to the BA Convention Center because of large crowds.  The second town hall meeting is at 5 p.m. at Jenks City Hall at 211 South Elm.

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