Tulsa Man To Climb Mt. Rainier For Zoo Fundraiser

Wednesday, August 5th 2009, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- What would cause a Tulsa businessman to take on the challenge of climbing the continental US's highest peak? The answer is not just "because it's there."

Matt Yeager has another week or so of training for a mountain climbing trip later this month.

"I really like it. It keeps me in shape. It's a challenge. I kind of live for challenges," said Matt Yeager, a mountain climber.

He and several others plan to climb Mt. Rainier in Washington State, part of the Tulsa Zoo's One Wild Challenge program to raise money for the Zoo's Nature Exchange.

"The funds go to help to add more classes and put more things in the Nature Exchange," said Matt Yeager.

How does a hiker graduate to climbing mountains? Yeager said a friend asked him to help raise money for the zoo. He said ok.

"Next thing I know, I'm on the Grand Tetons climbing up," said Matt Yeager.

Yeager's pictures from last year's fundraising climb show the view from thousands of feet up.  It's spectacular. Yeager said he loved being above the clouds looking down.

"I loved it, had a great time. The difference is this one is more of an ice climb," said Yeager.

At 14,411 feet, Mt. Rainier is among the highest peaks in the continental US. The fundraising goal for the climb is more than $50,000. Each climber pledges to raise $5,000 in sponsorships. The proceeds go to the Zoo's Nature Exchange, which they describe as kind of a swap shop of nature's artifacts.

"It's a great program," said Yeager.

Learn more about the mountain climbing fundraiser or even make a donation at the One Wild Challenge website