Sand Springs Man Shoots Self During Police Standoff

Thursday, July 30th 2009, 4:34 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies bust their fourth meth lab this week.  Thursday's ended with the suspect shooting himself in the head.  And, neighbors say they can't believe this was all going on right next door.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputies descended on the 4800 block of West 41st Street with sirens blaring.

"They went through my backyard and they were everywhere," said Cheryl Jason.

Deputies blocked off the street, staked out the front yard and waved away neighbors.

"He told me to stay as far to the west of my house as I could stay," said Cheryl Jason.  "I thought, oh crap, they're going to shoot. They're shooting over there.  That's what I thought."

Deputies responded after the woman who lives in the home reported that her husband was cooking meth.  Five deputies went inside and found the suspect, hiding in a closet.  They say when he was spotted, he pointed a gun at them.

The deputies say when they retreated, the suspect shot himself in the head.  Paramedics responded and 30-year-old Cory Len Smith was taken to the hospital in critical condition. 

Deputies say the house was filled with fumes and hazmat teams went in and came back out with the makings of a meth lab.

Neighbors were shocked, but not unaware.

"He asked me if I noticed any smells and I said, 'Oh yeah, about once a week. Sometimes more,'" said Cheryl Jason.  "There's been a couple of explosions like twice in the last week."

Cheryl Jason says she didn't put it together until the cops showed up.  And then, her thoughts went to two young children whom she says live in that house.

"We've all been sick with headaches every day. And, it infuriates me to think somebody could move into a neighborhood with small children in their home and cook drugs," said Cheryl Jason.

One Tulsa County Sheriff's Captain told The News On 6 that the meth problem is so widespread that no matter where you live, it is a possibility.  He advises anyone who smells or hears anything that doesn't seem right to contact law enforcement.