Tulsa Tea Party Protestors Demand Tax Freedom

Saturday, July 4th 2009, 5:28 pm
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, News On 6

Some Tulsans celebrated the Fourth of July by exercising a constitutional right. Hundreds showed up for a Tea Party Rally to protest high taxes and bailouts.

More than 300 people braved the nasty weather to deliver a powerful message against Washington. And there were just as many children present as adults.

 "I mean, when you think about an $800 billion dollar stimulus package. How are we going to pay that back? People don't understand that," said protestor Marie Greenly.

Marie Greenly brought her two kids. Greenly says the $787 billion stimulus package isn't working, isn't creating jobs - and is putting her children in debt.

"Somebody has to pay for that," Greenly said. "And it's going to end up being me, and you, and our children, and everyone else. And I'm sick of it."

Underneath all those umbrellas, it was the children who led the way at Tulsa's Tea Party Rally.

Nathan Adams says the bank bailouts and stimulus package has led to unconstitutional government encroachment.  For both Nathan and his five year old son, Ben, this Independence Day protest is their first.

I think it's important to pass on, and expose the children to my values. And to get a sense of community early," said Nathan Adams.

Jenny Alexander says she's here because of the controversial Cap and Trade Bill.  She says it will result in unprecedented oversight on utility companies and will force major rate hikes on the middle class.

"If we can get the government out of regulating these industries and out of providing services for us - and just let the free market do it, we'll all be in a much better position, and our children will be free," protestor Jenny Alexander said.

Gubernatorial candidate Randy Brogdon delivered a keynote address. He says he's proud to see so many young faces.

"What you're seeing today are people who love liberty, and are joining a line in the sand, and saying enough is enough," Randy Brogdon said.

This July Fourth Tea Party is the last one in Tulsa for the summer. The next one is scheduled for mid-September.