Jay 5th Graders Go 3D With NASA

Wednesday, May 20th 2009, 9:43 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

JAY, OK -- An Oklahoma school is getting a boost from NASA to help bring science class to life.  The tools they're using are right out of the movies.  But, some Jay 5th graders are using them to add another dimension to their education.   

Jennifer Daftari does everything she can to get her students out of their seats and excited about science.  They have chants and games.  She even used Popular Science magazine in her class so much last year, they were featured in its pages.  But now, she's got something new up her sleeve.

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"This is the best program I've ever seen," said Jay 5th grade teacher Jennifer Daftari.

When students don the 3D view glasses, abstract concepts like divergent and convergent boundaries leap out of the textbook and literally rumble to life.

"When it pops out at you, it's like you're in a different world," said 5th grader Irving Denova.

"When you're excited about something, you'll do better at it. I've had a lot of kids say they didn't like science, and now they say this is their favorite subject," said Jennifer Daftari.

It even has some students bragging to their friends.

"I went to like all my friends from different schools and I told ‘em we're gonna have 3D and it's gonna like pop out and they were getting jealous," said 5th grader Irving Denova.

3D View was created by U.S. Satellite Laboratory and funded by NASA.  They were charmed by Jay's enthusiasm and sent in a team.

Researchers are talking to the 5th graders about the program for a study on its effectiveness.  And, the little class from a small town is being captured on video for a promotional video that will be seen all over the country.

"Maybe not everyone knows where it is, but these students are forever going to be branded as 3D students in a program that's in all 50 states, even Guam and Puerto Rico," said Amanda Bickerstaff with U.S. Satellite Laboratory.

"All the United States, we're like one of the luckiest.  I mean think about it.  We live in Jay, like a small town. And, still we get picked 3D. That's sweet," said 5th grader Irving Denova.

Jennifer Daftari got a grant to bring the 3D technology to Jay Schools.  It's one of the reasons she is Jay's Teacher of the Year and will compete for the state title.