Sand Springs Group Making Memorial Day Wreaths

Wednesday, May 20th 2009, 6:09 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

SAND SPRINGS, OK -- Originally May 30 was Decoration Day. A day set aside to place flowers or other decoration on graves of fallen soldiers.

The name has changed to Memorial Day, and the date has changed to the last Monday in May, but the tradition has remained.

A group in Sand Springs is making that Memorial Day tradition easier. The ladies are making Memorial Day wreaths and flower arrangements.

Pauline Perry is the big bow specialist. "This makes my 17th year," she said.

Perry thinks the project has been going on at least 20 years. Earlene Jones, the project chairman, says it's continued to grow.

"We have repeat customers that come back every year," Jones said. "They tell their friends and relatives. Word gets around."

The flowers are donated throughout the year, and the ladies start working in March and produce hundreds of arrangements and wreaths of different sizes and prices.

Everyone has a specialty. Eldora Wilderom works on the smaller arrangements. This is her first year.

She says aside from the obvious benefit for those looking for something special for the grave of a friend or relative, work keeps the ladies who do it active and involved.

The ladies produce the arrangements in a workshop, but sell them at the Sand Springs Senior Center. When the supply of a particular one gets low, they call the workshop and they send more over.

When a customer comes in, Noralee Hilton can personalize the wreath with a banner made with glitter and glue.

The funds from the sale of the arrangements finance senior center activities.

The senior center is on North McKinley in Sand Springs and will be open every day through the weekend.