Tulsa Robbery Suspects Taken To Jail

Wednesday, May 6th 2009, 11:09 am
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Two men face charges after being arrested in a rash of armed robberies.  Tulsa Police believe the men hit three bars in one night.  But, in one of those robberies, a Tulsa man fought back.

That victim took a shotgun blast to the stomach.  He says his decision to fight back was part training, part adrenaline and part just being a man.

"No other choice but to fight," said Bill Snyder.

On April 18th, Bill Snyder and his girlfriend stopped at the Par T Lounge to visit friends.  What happened next made all of the customers do a double take when a man in a mask barged in holding two knives.

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"Looked like some sort of devil mask or gorilla mask, combination of the two, trick or treat thing.  And, we just couldn't quite take him serious.  We thought it was some sort of joke," said Bill Snyder.

But, when another man came in through the back door with a shotgun and pointed it at a friend, Snyder quickly realized it wasn't a joke.

"When the shotgun came in, we realized it was a little more serious.  I heard that click and I clicked," said Bill Snyder.

That click was the gunman pulling the trigger.

Snyder jumped into action before the man could chamber a shell, and pull the trigger again, pulling out a pocket knife.

"Once I decided, and took my knife out, I knew I had to do something," said Bill Snyder.  "I take about three steps and I come around and I have him like this and I say how are you liking it?"

The men fought, with Snyder taking a shotgun blast to the stomach, but still getting the gun away from the robber.

"I figure they was going to shoot us anyway.  I felt they could rob us, take everything in the bar and still shoot us, or some of us or something," said Bill Snyder.

About three weeks later, police arrested 27-year-old Apache Young and 22-year-old Ruben Garcia.  They believe the men also robbed two other bars that night, Cy's Bar on East Admiral and the Buccaneer Bar on South Harvard.

Snyder is thankful for the arrests, glad he has recovered, and thankful no one else was hurt.

"Blessed.  I believe I'm blessed.  I think the Lord was there, and he was taking care of us," said Bill Snyder.

The two men arrested for the bar robberies are also being looked at for at least three other robberies at Tulsa businesses.