Thousands In Tulsa Attend Tax Protest Rallies

Wednesday, April 15th 2009, 7:23 am
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Thousands of people turned out for tax protest rallies in Tulsa on Wednesday.

The local rallies mirrored a national movement tied to the tax filing deadline.

They are called TEA parties, meaning "taxed enough already." At Veterans Park and at the earlier protests, it was a crowd that was upset but civil, and impatient but patriotic.

Even with two rallies happening at the same time, crowds well over 1,000 people gathered at each.

At LaFortune Park, people were angry over the spending in Washington, considering it an attack on their freedom.

"Just to say no ...stupidity in government," Tulsan Ed Lenfestey said.

Radio station KRMG encouraged the rally of people in a political movement galvanized by the election of President Obama and a Democratic congress.

"I blame him and Congress ... for America," Tulsan Jean Jones said.

Many people said it was all the bailouts that had angered them into action.

Shane Rutledge says he's never been political before, but now he's for the fair tax.

"'Cause it's fair ... makes it simpler," he said.

Many revolutionary notions were represented, but the overwhelming sentiment was that politicians in Washington are not listening to the people.

After a big day of protests, the people plan to continue taking action, contacting their representatives to try to have more influence over what's happening with their tax money.

Tulsa was one of 500 cities that hosted tea parties to protest government spending. Other tea party protests took place Wednesday in Bartlesville, Miami and McAlester.