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Friday, April 3rd 2009, 5:27 am
By: News On 6

Across the northwestern United States, a low pressure system moved ashore, and brought widely scattered rain showers to lower elevations and high elevation snows to the Pacific Northwest. Through the afternoon and evening hours, this system progressed eastward, and wet weather conditions spread into the Great Basin and Central and Northern Rockies. Widespread snow accumulations of 5 to 10 inches were reported through the Cascades and Northern Rockies, along with occasional lightning strikes. Another feature of this system was strong winds. Wind gusts as high as 50 to 60 mph were reported throughout Oregon, California, Nevada, and portions of Utah and Arizona.

Another strong low pressure system ejected out of eastern Texas early in the day, progressing northeastward through the Lower Mississippi Valley, and into the Ohio Valley early overnight. Winds were quite strong across Texas early in the day, with gusts ranging from 40 to 55 mph. This system brought intense rainfall to Georgia and the Florida panhandle, where rainfall totals of 2 to 5 inches were reported. In addition to the heavy rainfall, strong to severe thunderstorms developed and tracked through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and northern Florida. Numerous fallen trees were reported from strong thunderstorm wind gusts, estimated to have reached 60 to 70 mph. Hail reports ranging from penny to golf ball size stretched from the coasts of Louisiana to Florida, northward to southern Illinois. A few stronger storms even reached Ohio, with penny to nickel sized hail reported there. Isolated tornadoes were reported as well, 1 of which caused damage to 30 cars in a parking lot in Nashville, Tennessee. As this system strengthened and sped northeastward during the evening and overnight hours, scattered rain showers with occasional embedded thunderstorms spread into the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions, while rain tapered off across the Lower Mississippi Valley. North to northwesterly winds increased from Lower Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois southward to the Tennessee Valley, with wind gusts to 35 mph.


HIGHEST TEMPERATURE (DEGREES F)..............95 Mcallen, TX

HIGHEST HEAT INDEX (DEGREES F)...............93 Ft Lauderdale, FL

LOWEST TEMPERATURE (DEGREES F)...............-1 Leadville, CO

LOWEST WIND CHILL (DEGREES F)...............-23 Leadville, CO

HIGHEST WIND GUST (MPH)......................60 Plainview, TX

HIGHEST PRECIPITATION (INCHES).............5.32 Panama City, FL


In 1974, the eastern U.S. experienced the largest tornado outbreak for a single 24 hour period, called the Super Outbreak. In 24 hour period, 148 tornadoes were reported, resulting in 315 deaths across 11 states. The damage totaled $500 million.

In 1987, a late season snow storm resulted in 7 inches in Birmingham, AL and 9 inches in northeast Alabama.

In 1989, 20 tornadoes were reported in an area extending from the Southern Plains to the southern Appalachians. One tornado caused $8 million in damage in Fort Branch, IN.

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