Testimony Continues Against Accused Murderer

Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 5:21 pm
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A key witness in the murder case against Jermaine Jeffery may not be able to testify.

Once considered one of Tulsa's most wanted, Jeffery is accused of killing 19-year-old girl Keisha Williamson while trying to run from police.

He is charged with several felonies, including murder, shooting with intent to kill and eluding police.

Jeffery's girlfriend, Lawanda Lockridge, testified that Jeffery shot at her twice after an argument and then began threatening her sister Lashea.

That sister was supposed to be called as a witness, but she was sitting in the back of the courtroom listening to testimony for several minutes.

The judge will have to decide whether she can testify, and it could be a blow for the prosecution.

"There's no amount of time or anything that the criminal justice system could dish out ... to replace my niece," said Eddie Williamson, Keisha's uncle.

Keisha's family members have been in court since the start of the trial, and they want a result.

"We're not worried about numbers or anything like that," Keisha's aunt Willette Williamson said. "We just want it to be over with."

But Keisha's aunt says she feels compassion for the man charged with murdering her.

Police say after the fight with his girlfriend, Jeffery drove off, was later spotted by cops and crashed into Williamson's car.

Keisha died the next day. Jeffery escaped capture for a month.

"Actually, I really feel sorry for him," Willette Williamson said. "As much as he's impacted our family, I would hate to have to be in his shoes right now."

She says that's because even though Jeffery could be put away for life, nothing will bring back her niece.

"She was beautiful, more importantly on the inside, just as much as on the outside," Willette Williamson said.

Jeffery was charged with murder in this case and not vehicular manslaughter or something similar because he crashed into Williamson's car while committing a felony act.

Prosecutors say he was trying to avoid getting caught by police, and because of that, Jeffery could face life behind bars.

Prosecutors will continue to present their case Thursday.

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