Fuel Conversions Mean Big Business For Tulsa Company

Wednesday, March 4th 2009, 9:56 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell NewsOn6.com

TULSA--A local businessman has a way to run your car for around a dollar a gallon and his company is taking off.

"With the new administration they're putting a lot of effort into alternative fuels, so we see our work just continuing to grow," said Tom Sewell, President of Tulsa Gas Technologies.

Tom's business is very busy converting cars and trucks to run on abundant and inexpensive compressed natural gas as well as building the compressors and pumps to service those vehicles. While other companies are laying-off workers, Tulsa Gas Technologies is hiring.

Sewell pointed out a state-owned car on a hoist his team is converting.

"We just got a contract from the State of Oklahoma to do a minimum of sixty of these, these are dedicated compressed natural gas vehicles, they have a range of about four hundred fifty miles," Sewell said.

They also convert vehicles to run on either CNG or gasoline for an even higher mileage range. He also sells home use pumps for filling your CNG car right in your garage and says that prices are dropping due to increased tax rebates, making CNG cars an even more viable option.

"When you buy fuel from your home you are less than a dollar a gallon right now. So you would leave your driveway everyday full of gas and you would have a 450 mile range on this car," Sewell said.

The pumps and converters are being shipped worldwide, and Tom has high hopes the alternative fuel technology will be soon be more fully accepted here in the states.