Accused Tulsa Killer Says He's Innocent

Friday, February 20th 2009, 5:25 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- An accused Tulsa killer maintained his innocence from the Tulsa County Jail on Friday.

The News On 6 first interviewed Roscoe Dabney in 1994 and has followed his journey from prison, to a life of reform and now, back behind bars.

Dabney was interviewed at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary while serving time for shooting at rival gang members and hitting innocent bystanders.

He said he had been saved and promised to change when he got out. In 2000, he had been out three months and was determined to live crime-free.

Two years later, he spoke to kids about avoiding gangs.

On Feb. 6, Dabney was arrested after a homicide near North Cincinnati Avenue and Apache Street.

A woman said the shooter was wearing a black hoodie and she saw him run toward Dabney's house.

Police arrived to see Dabney coming from behind his house, carrying a black hoodie that contained a cell phone and a .45-caliber gun, the same size used in the shooting.

"The truth shall prevail," Dabney said.

Dabney says he heard the shots and saw three people run past his house, and one of them dropped the hoodie in his yard.

He says he didn't want it in his yard, so picked it up and was bringing around the house to give to police.

He says he didn't know what was in the hoodie and didn't shoot anybody.

"That's what happened," Dabney said. "I don't know about odds, but I know 100 percent, that's what happened."

He says he willingly talked to police and gave a DNA sample. He feels they assume he's guilty because of his past, although he hasn't been arrested in nine years, has a good job and tried to do good.

"I know what it takes to reform yourself, to make adjustments every day, sometimes without the help of anybody, but yourself and soul and heart," Dabney said. I know what it takes to do that."

No charges have been filed, and the arraignment has been postponed until next Friday.

Detectives say they are waiting on forensic test results.

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