Regent Students Reenact Civil War Battle

Friday, February 13th 2009, 5:52 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell

TULSA--The fourth-graders at Regent Preparatory School have been studying the Civil war. Today they had lunch in the uniforms and traditional dresses of the era and were drilled in military conduct and tactics, and prepared for battle.

"This is a good time to reenact it and solidify what they learned about it," said Brent Burchard, who played the role of General McClellan.

"It's a big day, my son couldn't sleep last night," added Brad Camp, who portrayed General Robert E. Lee, "they talk and they study and it's all in their head, but now they get to walk it out. This is a kinetic thing, a time for them to really get into it."

As in the real war, the time for talking eventually ended and action became the call of the day. With plastic swords and toy guns at the ready, the students reenacted the battle of Antietam in wave after wave of charges. The danger and loss of life wasn't there, but the enthusiasm of the opposing forces left a real impression on those involved.

"It's hard to believe how you'd get shot and be hit by plastic swords but you wouldn't know that you would be down and you would be dead," said fourth grader Matthew Lugibihl.

Beyond the rigors of military life in the war, the students gained a new appreciation for the men and women involved in the battle.

"Very brave and very willing to give their lives," noted student Catie McCharen.


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