Leads to a 'Lucky' Reunion

Friday, February 6th 2009, 9:37 am
By: News On 6

Chris Howell

Jenks--It was over Labor Day weekend when Jeff and Brooke Carter of Jenks lost their cat Lucky.

"In the commotion we just didn't realize he had slipped out the door when we let the dogs out," explained Jeff, "It was like he had just vanished, we never saw him again."

But during last week's ice storm something wonderful happened. Jeff went to to check on school closings and noticed a story we did on Street Cats, a foundation that finds homes for lost cats in Tulsa.

"When they panned to a bulletin board I thought it was Lucky who was posted on the board," said Jeff.

It wasn't Lucky after all, but when Jeff went to a listing of cats at the shelter that were up for adoption, there was Lucky at the top of the list. He had been at Street Cats for 5 months and they had renamed him Arnold. Jeff hurried to the shelter.

"All the sudden, within 24 hours he was back at home and it was like he had never left," said Jeff.

Lucky may have used a few of his nine lives, but his family is just glad he's home.

"It's just great," Brooke said, "it's like everybody is back where they're supposed to be again."


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