Neighbors React To Beating Suspect's Arrest

Thursday, January 29th 2009, 9:40 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Neighbors of a man who was arrested for kidnapping and assaulting his girlfriend and her mother are relieved he is behind bars.

People who live by Kevin Simmons said he was terrorizing the entire neighborhood and hope he stays in jail.

Police arrested Simmons on Wednesday night after his girlfriend, Frances, called 911 and said he was holding her and her 89-year-old mother, Mildred, captive in a hotel and beating them.

Frances said "he hit her with a metal rod, hit her with a BB gun twice and shot her twice with a BB gun ... kicked her in the chest, threw her down the stairs and threatened to kill her."

Police recovered bloody clothes and cocaine from the hotel room.

"We're glad he's gone," said Linda, who lives across from Mildred.

She said Frances and Simmons moved in about six months ago and since then Simmons has shot out her home and car windows with a BB gun. She has called police a few times.

"We've all been on alert for him because we've seen erratic behavior, and he's made people nervous and people want to stay in their houses," Linda said. "We're glad to see him off the streets."

Ralph lives next door to Mildred, who he said struggles with Alzheimers. He said Frances and Simmons said they were moving in to replace home healthcare nurses.

Ralph called police on Simmons after he rang Ralph's doorbell early one morning.

"He wanted us to come out," Ralph said. "He was going to whip our f-ing you know.

"He thought we were getting into his backyard. He said, ‘I know you've been in there, I saw your footprints.'"

Protective orders filed in 2001 by Simmons' ex-wife show a pattern of violence.

She wrote that Simmons "threatened to blow my brains out. ... I discovered he's snorting crank, and I'm afraid of what he could do."

She said six months later, he broke into her house, destroyed her phone and broke her left hand.

Records show Simmons was convicted of two felonies in Rogers County in 2004 and faces a bogus check charge in Tulsa.

Mildred and her daughter Frances were still in the hospital Thursday night.

Neighbors said Simmons recently bought a new Harley Davidson motorcycle and a new Cadillac and because he doesn't have a job, they're worried he's taking money from Mildred.

Police are investigating that possibility.