Oklahoma City Man Delivers Pizza And Blessings To Homeless

Friday, January 23rd 2009, 10:59 am
By: News On 6

By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- A metro pizza parlor is donating nearly 500 slices of sausage and pepperoni pizza to the hungry in the Oklahoma City area.

"Business-wise, it's good," All American Pizza owner Mark Sweiss said. "Health-wise, it's good. It's a lot of things I never thought I would have in life, and I do."

Sweiss said he's living the American dream. After immigrating to the U.S., he started a pizza business in Oklahoma, and business has been booming since.

Sweiss is now giving back to the country that gave him freedom.

"I don't want to say it makes me feel good or anything," Sweiss said. "It just makes me feel that I got to repay somebody something, and if I did this everyday for the rest of my life, it would not be enough."

Sweiss serves pizza in a church basement near Mid-town. Along with volunteers from Heritage Baptist, who believe Sweiss is a gift from God.

"We just really admire this man for the heart that he has," said Howard Geis, homeless minister at Heritage Baptist. "It's not just about selling pizza to people, it's more than that. It's trying to meet a need."

The pizza is feeding hungry Oklahomans who might otherwise not have had a meal.

"It's awful nice of you all coming," Cluade Boswell said. "Taking care of the poor."

Sweiss said the blessings come from those he serves.

"You're doing us a favor by coming here," Sweiss said. "You know, we get more blessing out of them, than they do out of us."