Parts Of Old Tulsa City Hall Up For Auction

Wednesday, December 31st 2008, 4:27 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- There is a chance to own a little bit of Tulsa's old city hall is coming up in the new year.  Everything that didn't move to the new building is up for sale. You can own a law library, a complete cafeteria, or a seat from the city council chamber.

City hall's for sale, in a way.  When the city moved to the new building lots of stuff was left behind, like a storage building.

"It seems to be intact and in good shape and we're even selling the flooring from underneath it," said Patricia Cummings with the City of Tulsa.

Patricia Cummings is the city's purchasing services coordinator.  She gets rid of the surplus, like the old print shop down in the basement.

"I could be the Ben Franklin of the New Year," said Patricia Cummings.

Among the stuff declared surplus and up for sale are lots of desks and chairs and office furniture, and unexpected things like an entire law library.

"Several thousand books, we've divided them by sets there are 17 different lots," said Patricia Cummings.

Everything in the old cafeteria is on the block, too.  That includes the chairs, tables, and fryers.

There's random stuff like a table and four chairs and a china cabinet.

Everything left in the old city council chambers is up for sale, too.

"You can buy the wooden desk of the counselor of your choice," said Patricia Cummings.

All the audience seats are also for sale.

There will be two preview days, when you can get into the four buildings containing surplus items for sale.  There will be a couple of preview days, with the actual auction at the Tulsa Convention Center on January 21st.