Oaks Indian Mission Losing Donations

Monday, December 29th 2008, 4:45 pm
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, News On 6

OAKS, OK -- A drop in charitable donations has meant cutbacks for Oaks Indian Mission located in Delaware County.

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Cedric Turner, a former mission resident, is away from college for the holiday break. His heart led him back home to the Oaks Indian Mission where he's staying at a guest home.

"They were always just there for me. If I ever needed anything, they were always there. Even to this day when I come back down, they always ask if there is anything they can do for me. They are just good people, really good people," said Cedric Turner, former mission resident.

Turner is one of many kids over the years who have come from troubled backgrounds to find structure and encouragement at the mission.

"We provide them shelter, clothing, food and a lot of love," said Don Marshall of Oaks Indian Mission.

The Oaks Indian Mission was established in 1801 in Georgia and following the trail of tears was re-established in Indian Territory.

It evolved into a children's home in the 20's, but now the poor economy is impacting the work they're able to do.

"It has just rippled through and affected our source of income," said Marshall.

The mission, which is funded through private donations, is facing a 10% loss to its million-dollar a year budget. This means they can't help as many kids.

Cedric Turner hates to see it. The pre-law and history major says he owes the mission for his bright future.

"Everything here is about the kids. And these kids have a great home here if they take advantage of it," said Turner.

It's hoped the mission, which has helped so many over the years, now receives more help so they can continue making a difference.

You can donate to help the mission:

Oaks Indian Mission
PO Box 130
Oaks, OK 74359