Former Homeless Man Shares The Warmth

Thursday, December 18th 2008, 9:26 pm
By: News On 6

By Margaret Stokes,

TULSA, OK -- When you look at Brad Woessner now, smiling and shaking hands, it's hard to imagine he was once homeless.

"I only survived by people reaching out and helping me," said Brad Woessner.

Now the corporate director of sales for the company, Woessner says the days he spent walking the streets of Tulsa alone, not knowing where he would get his next meal, is a memory he will never forget.

"There was one time when I had absolutely nothing I slept under the bridge at 15th and Lewis," said Woessner.

While living under the bridge, he said he thought no one cared, but a simple act of kindness changed that. He was lucky enough to have family members help him get off the streets.

A few months later he landed a job at Mathis Brothers. He got his life back on track and moved up the ladder quickly. But, he vowed not to take his fortune for granted.

"There's got to be a bigger purpose that I went through all that and survived it," said Woessner.

He says the best thing you can do is give someone hope.

"The biggest thing about getting the coat or someone sharing one word with you that you're going to make it or they have faith in you it's more than the warmth but it's the light it's the hope that there's a chance you're not going to be there forever," said Brad Woessner.