LeAnne Taylor - Survivor Week Seven

Monday, November 10th 2008, 12:05 pm
By: News On 6

Holy Cow! I sure got duped! I thought for sure the merge was coming. Treemail+Feast=Merge? Not quite! After the feast, the gang opened the box to find they were splitting again. Of course, the numbers still favored Kota if all the alliance sticks to the plan. But being low-man (or woman) on the totem pole tends to make people jump ship. More on that later.

What's up with throwing the idol into the sea? Kenny should have stepped up, grabbed the paper and ran! Oh, well! Randy sure is a piece of work. I'm not a big fan but he's still in the game. I was really cheering for Matty to help Fang win immunity. He deserved a break from tribal council. When the new Kota got back to camp, I thought it was interesting how everyone was telling everyone else who should be voted out.

I was so glad to see Crystal and Kenny sticking together. Crystal may not be a physical threat, but she's outwitting the others, getting Susie to join her and Kenny. This could be a nice voting block down the road. I liked Marcus. He was a strong leader but once you get too comfortable and too cocky, pack your bags. Great move from the weaker player, knocking off such a heavy hitter.

Merge next week? Stay tuned!

LeAnne Taylor