Travelers Getting Around Airline Luggage Fees

Wednesday, May 21st 2008, 5:19 pm
By: News On 6

The cuts at American Airlines may have some rethinking the baggage that comes with traveling.  The carrier will soon charge $15 to check the first piece of luggage.   News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports some passengers are opting to go a different route.

Some passengers say they'll pick a different airline while others may bypass baggage claim all together.

 A lot of baggage comes with flying from long ticket lines to security checkpoints, and then there's the cost.  At American, it's going up.

"American is taking advantage of its travelers, but I also think it's part of business.  They have to make a buck," said air passenger Larry.

That 15 extra bucks is being passed on to passengers like the McCall family. The family of four says it's already saddled with paying more at the pump and the grocery store.

"It's just going to be harder for an average family to travel. We just will have to stay closer to home or stay home all together," said Christi McCall.

And, that means their little ones would lose out on a trip to Florida.

But, some passengers have found a way around the airlines.

"Rather than the hassle with going to the airport and carrying it up there, people stop by here and send it to where ever their destination is, the hotel, resort, or home," said Bob Clay with UPS Stores.

Bob Clay says all three of his UPS Stores have seen an increase in people shipping luggage since most airlines already charge $25 for the second bag or more for heavier luggage.  While the costs may be similar, he says shipping has one big advantage over checked luggage.

"Good thing about UPS is that it's guaranteed delivery," said Bob Clay.

The same goes for competitors like FedEx, too.  The added comfort that comes with not losing your luggage just may save your vacation.