Man Takes It Slow To Save Gas

Thursday, May 8th 2008, 5:35 pm
By: News On 6

An Owasso man frustrated with high fuel prices is taking it slow.  He says driving under the speed limit is saving him money and he wants the government to force you to do the same.  News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports Albert Cronheim wants the speed limit lowered.

It may not be an ideal solution for some drivers, but Cronheim is sure it will work.  Gas continues to go up, and many drivers are fed up with it.

"Oh they're insane!  It's astonishing how much I'm spending right now," said Toni Willis.

Albert Cronheim feels pain at the pump, too.  He thought about trading in his SUV, but since it's paid for, he's found another remedy just by taking his time.

"I'm getting about 55 more miles per tank," said Albert Cronheim.

Instead of driving 70 to 75 mph like most people during his commute from Owasso, he's coasting into Tulsa at 62 mph.

"If I'm in the right lane, I don't care if people hoot and holler behind it," said Albert Cronheim.

And, Albert says he's pumping more money into his pockets instead of leaving it at the pump.  He's saving about $12 a week, times four that's almost $50 a month.

"We don't need to be driving 75 mph. Well, I drive from home, it's 18 miles. It makes me a minute more than at 75. Every car that passes me I always catch up with them," said Albert Cronheim.

Albert says if the government lowered the speed limit, it would force other drivers to get on board and drive down the demand for gasoline.

"I learned that in high school.  Demand goes down, price goes down," said Albert Cronheim.

And, at $3.49 a gallon right now, he says we can't afford not to make the change.

Albert's idea is not new.  The gas shortage in the 1970's prompted the government to lower speed limits.  It was a temporary fix, but a very unpopular one, too.