Landslide Destroys Family's Home

Friday, April 18th 2008, 10:22 pm
By: News On 6

Heavy rains cause a disaster at Fort Gibson Lake.  The road leading to several homes has washed away and one home is dangerously close to falling off a cliff.  News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports there's a frantic push to get the family out safely.

It's something you have to see to believe.  Fred and April Dell's home is going downhill fast and there's nothing either of them can do about it.

It's moving day and every second counts.

"Just thank God that we have family and friends to help us," said April Dell.

That's because their house is on its way out literally.  The front room use to be level, but now, it's leaning.

"Oh yeah it's dropping.  It's dropping. We had to put jacks underneath it actually about two days ago and this morning we heard one fall," said April Dell.

Proof that time is running out is all around the Dell home.  Their church family is pitching in to help, but moving wont' be easy.

Not much remains of what use to be the only road leading to the Dell's lakeside home.  Heavy rains have washed much of it out.  So, for weeks now the Dells have made the nearly one mile trek to get to and from their home on foot.

"We're going to lose all of our stuff.  It's not covered. And, trying to get help out here.  We've been on the phone with everybody I could think of.  FEMA's been here.  We can't get help," said April Dell.

They can't get any government help, at least.  The Dells live on a private road and are not eligible for public assistance.  But, their local lawmaker says Wagoner County is tapped out anyway because of last year's ice storm.

"We could just get help for April and Fred Dell that would be great. We can't get any help.  We're working through our faith in God," said Gloria Bitting from their church.

Representative Wade Russelot helped the family with their move on Friday.

On Saturday, their church will use boats to get the furniture out.  In the meantime, a fund has been set up to help the Dell family because their homeowner's insurance won't cover a landslide.

A fund has been established for the Dell family.  Donations can be made at any Armstrong Bank location.