Prentiss Elliott: I’ve Changed A Lot

Friday, April 18th 2008, 11:57 am
By: News On 6

He's famous for football feats and criminal acts. To understand Prentiss Elliott you have to search the pages of print for this passage:

"Athletics lasts for such a short period of time. It ends for people. But while it lasts we create this make believe world where normal rules don't apply." - Friday Night Lights

Blessed with an undeniable talent; tainted by off-the-field troubles including jail time for transporting a fire arm and found guilty of assault after punching an off-duty police officer. Today, Elliott's out to prove he's a different person.

"I've changed a lot," Elliott said. "I've made some mistakes in the past. I've learned from them and now I've become a better man and a better person."

The Tulsa native went from playing under the bright lights to sitting under the blue and red bulbs. Elliott was kicked off of the Oklahoma State football team in early 2005.

"I missed football every day. It got to the point to where I couldn't even watch a football game," Elliott said. "I love football and it was taking a toll on me after a while."

Three years later he's back on the field, focused on football. Elliott's now a member of the Area Football 2's Tulsa Talons. It's an opportunity he's hoping to cling onto.

"It's just a blessing to be back on the field, period," Elliott said. "I'm just thankful they gave me the opportunity. I'm going to take advantage of this."

"It keeps my mind focused," Elliott said. "I know I've got a job. I'm not representing myself; I'm representing the Tulsa Talons."

The past is faded.

"Sometimes I catch myself wondering what I'd be doing right now," Elliott said.

Now Elliott's ready to turn the page.

"Whatever the road takes I'm ready to buckle down and ride it. I love the game of football," Elliott said.

"Every day I just thank God for giving me an opportunity to come back and play football."

By Kyle Dierking, Video Journalist.

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