Shooting Hero In Intensive Care

Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 5:48 pm
By: News On 6

A fast food customer remains in intensive care after being shot by an employee. It happened Sunday night at a McDonald's drive-thru window.  Now another customer is saying the victim was trying to protect her from getting hurt.

The News On 6's Jeffrey Smith reports police say Erick Thurman fired nine rounds into Jeff Cox's car during an argument at a McDonald's in Tulsa near 71st and Riverside Drive.

Customer Makayla Hall, who saw the fight unfold, says if it wasn't for Cox stepping in, Thurman could have opened fire on her instead.

"Just thank you, just thank you for being that prince in the shining armor," said Makayla Hall referring to Cox.

Hall says she's been having a hard time.  Hall was there on Sunday night when Erick Thurman, an off-duty McDonald's employee, opened fire on customer Jeff Cox.

"I just feel really disheartened over what happened," said Hall.

Hall ordered food at the drive-thru at 2 a.m.  Hall waited more than an hour for her food before she asked for a refund.  Hall said that's when the manager began cursing at her.

"I could have held my tongue a little better probably. But as a person of profession. And as a customer. I really felt that she was out of line," said Hall.

Hall says that's when Thurman got involved.

"He then tried to come outside and charge at us at the window," said Hall.

Hall says Thurman was noticeably drunk and began threatening her.

"He (Thurman) was yelling obscenities at us, and asking us to do sexual things for him, and just calling us names, and things like that. Well we hear from the back, from the car behind us, hey, hey, you know, trying to get his attention," said Hall.

Hall said the person calling from behind her car was Jeff Cox.  She calls him a hero.

"There was no gang banger, no nothing, no drug deal going on that went bad, no nothing of that nature. It was just an unselfish person that saw a situation get out of hand, and wanted to calm it down, and save me," said Hall.

And Hall says she feels that she's here today, because of Jeff Cox.

"I feel like an angel was over us. And he was our angel. But at the same time, where was his, you know? It's just really emotional, really emotional," said Hall.

The News On 6 went back to that McDonald's on Wednesday and was told the manager involved in the incident has since been fired.

Tulsa police arrested Thurman just a few hours after the shooting. They say Thurman admitted to the shooting.